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TOP 15 blockchain ideas to launch in 2023

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  • What is a blockchain business and why is it a good idea?
  • Blockchain Types
    • Private Blockchain
    • Public Blockchain
  • Blockchain industries

Since blockchain is a distributed and peer-to-peer technology, its main advantages and applications can be found in almost every business sector. Today, the possibilities are endless and you can successfully use blockchain in your business. But it is not so easy to get started, because it is not enough to have the best crypto business ideas. Understanding the technology well and having blockchain specialists on staff is also necessary.

What is a blockchain business
and why is it a good idea?

Despite the rapid pace of development and the high trust rating for cryptocurrencies, many people are puzzled about which crypto business to choose. First of all, this is due to the wide variety of business ideas with blockchain options. But the proposed business ideas may make it easier for you. Blockchain business is the ability to buy goods or invest in businesses using cryptocurrency. You can find blockchain small business ideas in this detailed review.

Blockchain technology is a good idea primarily for the following reasons:

  • This simplifies sending payments directly.
  • Transactions can be made regardless of location.
  • It is safe, each block of information in the blockchain database remains
    independent and cannot be changed, stolen, or damaged.

Blockchain Types

At its core, the blockchain is a distributed base in which all changes are recorded in the form of a chain of blocks. At the same time, the blockchain structure implies different levels of access to information.

Private Blockchain

This is a blockchain with a limited level of access to data. Only a well-defined group of people has access to confirming transactions in networks, conducting audits, and managing databases. As far as the right to read the data, this can be either public or completely restricted. You can use private Blockchain in your crypto-related business ideas.

Public Blockchain

This is a chain of blocks that anyone in the world can “read”. Also, anyone can submit transactions, wait for them to be enabled if valid, and participate in the consensus process. Public blockchains are secured with a combination of economic incentives and cryptographic verification using mechanisms such as proof-of-work or proof-of-stake. Such blockchains are considered to be fully decentralized. You can use this blockchain technology in business ideas.

Blockchain industries

Blockchain has captured the attention of various industries and has influenced the way businesses operate. That is why there are so many companies today that use blockchain. These same companies are also working with the blockchain, which makes it more suitable for even wider adoption and the emergence of various crypto business ideas.

Education industry

Education and blockchain are a successful tandem that can simplify the process of verification of education data. Previously, the only method of such verification was sending a request to the educational institution, which took a lot of time. Now the use of the blockchain by the education system is not limited to storing documents in the database. This technology has the potential to affect the education system on a global scale, for example, to contribute to online learning. This is one of the most popular blockchain-based business ideas in 2023 and you can create something great.

Healthcare industry

Healthcare’s one of the most popular blockchain ideas for business. This facilitates the management of electronic medical records, drug supply chains, anti-counterfeiting, organ donation control, clinical and biomedical research, remote patient monitoring, improved insurance and billing processes, and medical data analysis.

Banking industry

The current banking system is not perfect. Clients have to pay high commissions to banks and at the same time not fully understand where exactly their money goes. Banks, in turn, are forced to use the not-always-reliable SWIFT interbank transfer system. The use of blockchain makes it possible to exclude intermediaries in the performance of banking operations and automate many processes. This will increase the efficiency of the banking system, primarily by reducing costs.

Video industry

Blockchain can also change the media industry. One use case for blockchain technology is the ability to create a video platform that can offer a secure pricing model that supports video microtransactions as well as a hyper-targeted advertising environment. Blockchain will provide video content creators with a more direct relationship with consumers who do not rely on intermediaries like YouTube. And smart contracts written in blockchain software theoretically simplify content rights management.

Juridical industry

Blockchain and jurisprudence – these two areas “intersected” not so long ago, but the demand for fintech law specialists is constantly growing. This is due to the uncertainty in the regulatory status of cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Business owners have to provide legal justification for the activities of companies using blockchain and adapt technologies to the legal realities of different jurisdictions.

Top 10 Blockchain Business Ideas

Blockchain technology has the potential to change the future of business, and very soon we can witness these changes. But this raises some questions, like are there any sustainable business ideas based on blockchain? Let’s take a look at where else modern technology can be used and what profitable crypto business ideas have every chance of existing.

What kind of business can I start with blockchain?

Many experts in the field of blockchain technologies agree that this direction has a huge potential for commercial application in almost all industries. But it should be understood that desire alone is not enough to start a business in this ecosystem. Let’s look at the types of businesses that can be started using blockchain.

Blockchain Wallet

To make transactions in the blockchain network, you need to have special wallets for storing data, for example, information about the purchased cryptocurrency. They are online, desktop and mobile, and hardware. A business in this area will allow you to get a huge client base. But it is worth understanding that your wallet must inspire confidence and be reliably protected from hacks.

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for Business

Many e-commerce and retail businesses use digital currencies to accept payments for their products and services. But this requires having a custom crypto-currency payment gateway for the business and acquiring this requires a deeper understanding of the entire blockchain infrastructure, including smart contracts. By enabling customers, businesses, and suppliers to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies, you will become an important intermediary offering flexible services that make it easier for your customers and customers to work in real time.

Peer To Peer Carpooling

Blockchain continuously updates data and users in real time, and it can be adapted to the needs of the travel and transportation industry, providing an excellent car rental management solution. The concept of these business ideas for blockchain can be used to make this industry efficient and dynamic.

Skill Verification System

One of the main advantages of blockchain technology is immutability, i.e. the network stores data forever in a secure and connected chain. Firms that provide companies with the ability to authenticate documents and qualifications of potential and already hired employees can use this technology to verify data.

Fake Product Identification System

First of all, the matter concerns drugs that are in circulation. The fact is that approximately 10% of drugs are of poor quality or are counterfeit. Companies have the opportunity to authenticate using the blockchain to verify the authenticity of the medicines they supply. This will allow for close monitoring of various levels of the supply chain and circulation of medicines, as well as labeling vital drugs with unique digital identifiers.


E-commerce and digital technologies allow using various schemes to understand and predict the main trends of the market where products and services are sold. The use of blockchain data can provide unprecedented access to an unmeasurable amount of data to better predict market trends. In fact, this makes blockchain an excellent component for the advertising and e-commerce industries.

Loyalty and Reward Program Integration

Businesses do not always manage to attract the target audience or the most loyal customers through reward programs. But the blockchain allows for solving this problem. With the help of blockchain technology, online retailers can carry out business transactions without intermediaries, integrating various loyalty programs from different companies and industries. This will allow rewards to be exchanged for goods and services if the blockchain confirms their validity.

Effective marketing and advertising space

Blockchain companies that provide AI to determine the correct or most suitable marketing and advertising space can quickly provide the right place for an advertising campaign. This will especially help to effectively exchange advertising platforms when launching a new service or a new product.

Distributed Cloud Storage

Cloud storage itself has a lot of advantages compared to traditional data storage. However, data stored in the cloud always resides on a centralized server, which is subject to numerous potential cybersecurity risks. Blockchain technologies provide decentralized cloud storage where all data is secure and not stored in one place. They are permanently distributed across different servers around the world.

Outsourcing of various IT functions

Traditional outsourcing of IT services comes with huge challenges, especially when it comes to IT infrastructure provisioning and general setup, relationship management, and more. But with the use of blockchain, it will be easier to get access to information about a specialist.

How do I start a blockchain business?

Above, you have seen the top 10 examples and tips on integrating crypto technologies and applications into real business scenarios, including in the financial sector, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. This inspires you to create your own blockchain organization with clear business goals. But to get started, you need to study the technology in more detail and hire specialists to help you develop crypto-related business ideas.


Undoubtedly, blockchain-based systems have become ubiquitous and indispensable components in most market segments. However, it is important to understand which particular niches are suitable for innovation. That’s why it’s safe to say that we have yet to realize the full potential of blockchain.


How is blockchain used in business?

Blockchain is in demand for data security. This is what is of great value to modern business

How much does it cost to build a blockchain?

On average, the cost of developing blockchain-based DApps starts at $1,000, while setting up an ERC20 token will cost at least $10,000.

How can I earn from blockchain?

The main way to generate income using blockchain technologies is the use of cryptocurrencies as a financial instrument. Use them for portfolio investment to get a cryptocurrency asset at a low price, wait for the price to increase, and sell it.

What is an example of blockchain?

Blockchain can be thought of as a collection of data that is repeated thousands of times on different computers connected to the same network.

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